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Imagine a girl like a burning hot flame.
She’s wild and free and Anna’s her name.
She’s got paint on her jeans, untamable hair,
The brightest blue eyes and not one single care.

She’s got original style. She’s an exceptional dresser.
Though every man tries, they fail to impress her.
She’s what you’d call a true extrovert.
Imagine guys all around her because Anna’s a flirt. 
When it comes to conversation, this girl is an artist,
She wins hearts of the strongest, most famous and smartest.

Now imagine the opposite: a self-conscious boy,
Who was raised on a farm in south Illinois.
This humble boy loves Anna the most,
But there is a problem. The boy is an invisible ghost.

Unlike Anna, the ghost is painfully shy.
He has lots to say, but he keeps it inside.
He makes an effort to go out, but nobody sees
While Anna flirts and makes friends with effortless ease.

He watches while Anna skips through her days,
Infatuated with her beauty and her butterfly ways.
“She gets so much attention and I’m passed right on by,”
He cries, “Oh what I’d give to be so alive!”

He watches real guys take out the girl he admires
While his soul is tormented by jealousy fires
He thinks to himself, “I can never compete.
My ghostly existence is so incomplete.
How will I ever find love if I’m not flesh and bone?”
Then he curses at God for being made so alone.

One night he learns of a Valentine dance
And the ghost boy decides he must take a chance.
“I can’t go on any more. I’m tired of drifting alone.
Without a body, how will I make myself known?”

The ghost struggles to understand his unfortunate fate.
“Anna can’t love a ghost. I’ve seen the men that she dates.
They’re tall, dark, handsome and sufficiently weighted.
My ethereal being will surely be hated.”

Despite not having a body, a ghost does have a voice.
Attempting to speak is a ghost's only choice.
Deep down he fears that if he dares make a sound,
All the people will panic and run out of town.

He contemplates his introduction, “What will come out?"
All of his thoughts are so burdened by doubt.
"My voice is too quiet,” he worries, “I’m so undefined.
To think that she’d love me, I’d be out of my mind.”

So he spends his nights in his soul, slaying his devils.
He thinks through scenarios on multiple levels.
He fights with emotions and wrestles with God
At last, coming to terms with being created so odd.

From hell’s depths he emerges with nothing but words,
Woven into the most intricate poem that you’ve ever heard.
“I have nothing to offer, but my vulnerable spirit,
Which I’ve placed in this poem and I need Anna to hear it.”

The fourteenth arrives, along with the Valentine dance,
So the ghost floats into town with dreams of romance.
He is quick to find Anna. She’s not hard to find.
She is surrounded by men of the most extravagant kind.

The ghost prepares his plan from across the room
And says a prayer to protect him from inevitable doom.
He’s scared out of his wits, but he has something to prove.
He practices his poem and then makes his move.

He advances inch by inch through the dancing crowd
As the noise in the room grows increasingly loud.
Something starts to happen, to the ghost’s own surprise.
See, miracles are granted to courageous young guys.

With every step closer, a tingling shoots through his feet.
Then deep in his chest, he feels a heart beginning to beat.
He feels blood rush to his face, now rosy and warm,
And his shoulders un-slouch when a spine starts to form.

He catches her attention. The ghost's dream has come true.
She looks into his eyes, which are now equally blue.

The ghost was no more. A human has taken his place.
For the first time, Anna and the boy stand face to face.

It wasn’t God that had cursed him a terrible ghost.
It was his own doubt and fear that restrained him the most.

He nervously recites his poem with no one to protect him,
Fully expecting Anna to reject him.

Despite this, the boy feels that he has finally arrived.
Never in his ghostly existence has he felt more alive.